The HVN Story

It’s no surprise I love a dress. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I wore pants. Year round, it’s dresses. And more often than not, they’re vintage – either found rummaging through my favorite shops in London, New York and LA, or, if I’m being honest, stolen from my mum's wardrobe.  My finds have always been great….but never perfect. 

In high school I would shop in dollar bins, making my selection based on print or fabric over shape or size. If the print caught my eye, I’d have a tailor adjust the silhouette to fit my body. My collection started to grow, and my closet became a kaleidoscope of eye-catching prints. My selection eventually became my uniform – day in and day out. My pants-wearing friends appropriately coined the term “The Harley Dress”. 

I’ve always had the idea of making my own dresses, but without giving any excuses here, I never got around to it. I had sketches of dresses in my mind that I could never find, prints that I’d designed in my head that never came to completion and countless hours spent online searching for the perfect pink gingham summer dress. My hunt for the picture-perfect cherry print cap sleeve dress never became a reality and hunting for that perfect light blue tea color ended in frustration. Finally I thought - I’ll have a go at this myself. 

My goal was to make easy and incredibly wearable dresses that were inspired by my collection of vintage silhouettes and playful prints, but I wanted to give them a modern flair. I wanted to design the perfect dress you throw on when you have 5 minutes to get ready. These dresses are the ones I have always envisioned. They are your go-to pieces that make your life that much easier. Throw them on, grab your bag, and go! 

The result: I designed six styles that were inspired by my closet but created in luxurious fabrics. Each of the six styles comes in different prints and colors – five silk styles and one in eyelet and crepe. I’m a print lover and I wanted to make sure that was woven into the DNA of my debut collection. The prints are inspired by the classic vintage motifs I have always loved and gravitated towards: ginghams, cherry prints, and florals. I updated and personalized each print by adding an element of my personality – like hiding a subtle ‘HVN’ in foliage or adding a polka dot. The dresses are personal – they’re a labor of love, which is why I named my line ‘HVN’. 

It took me over a year to perfect the shapes, select fabrics, and create custom prints. It involved several pattern cutters, numerous stages of sampling, and one big switch of factories from Los Angeles to New York. I wanted to produce in New York City so I could be physically present for every step.

This process has been exciting, educational, and emotional. While I’m still a rookie, I’ve learned a thing or two along the way when it comes to designing. Those ideas I had in my head require dedication, time, patience….and a talented team who can take your words and thoughts and make them a reality. 

‘HVN’ was made for and inspired by all of you - busy, effortless, chic women. I hope you love them as much as I do. “The Harley Dress” has become your Harley dress. 

Made with tender loving care,